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All fascia tool classics in one set

The BLACKBOX includes all the important tools in one set to carry out effective myofascial self-massage and functional whole-body training. This multifunctional set is perfect for addressing both larger areas as well as points of tension. Fascia and their influence on health and well-being are an important topic in medical research. With the BLACKBOX, you get all the important tools in a single set, and benefit from a sensational price.

Applications of the different fascia tools

This multifunctional set consists of a STANDARD foam roller, a BLACKROLL® MINI, a BLACKROLL® BALL 08, and a BLACKROLL® DUOBALL 08, and is just the thing for addressing the back muscles and other areas of the body. With the classical BLACKROLL® STANDARD, you can roll out the entire body. The BLACKROLL® MINI is outstanding for specific massage of the feet, as well as the legs or arms. With the BLACKROLL® BALL 08, you can massage points in different parts of the body like (upper) arms, the neck, the shoulder area, and also feet, calves, and the Achilles tendons. This releases hardness and tension in specific points. The BLACKROLL® DUOBALL 08 is ideal for massaging the back, as well as for applications in the neck area and the Achilles tendons. BLACKROLL® products can be used on the floor, against a wall, or on a table.


  • The most popular tools from BLACKROLL® in a single set.
  • Unbeatable price advantage in comparison with individual purchase.
  • Ideal for the specific point-by-point treatment of all areas.
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