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BLACKROLL KNEE BOX - Recovery, mobility and strengthening for knee pain.

BLACKROLL KNEE BOX - Recovery, mobility and strengthening for knee pain.

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Knee set incl. online training - supportive and preventive for knee pain

With the KNEE BOX you get a comprehensive set against knee pain: The set contains 4 BLACKROLL® products for knee pain. But we don't leave you alone with that. When you buy our KNEE BOX, you get exclusive access to an online training with extensive exercises for regeneration, mobilisation and strengthening for knee pain. No matter whether you want to take preventive action against pain or are currently experiencing discomfort: The knee pain relief set offers you comprehensive and effective help for knee pain.  

The products in the knee pain relief set 

  • BLACKROLL® TWIN: With the 30 cm long foam roller against knee pain, you can effectively relieve tension and adhesions in your muscles and fascia. The cut-out in the middle makes the fascia roller particularly suitable for self-massage on the legs and is therefore an effective aid for knee pain. In addition, the blood circulation can be promoted by the twisting in the middle.  

  • BLACKROLL® TRIGGER: Tension can run very deep. With the trigger tool you can release deep-lying tensions and fascial adhesions in a very targeted and precise way. Easy to use on the wall or on the floor. For hand application, you can combine the trigger with the handle provided. The handle fits comfortably in the hand and relieves the fingers during use.  

  • BLACKROLL® LOOP BAND: Self-massage alone is usually not enough to achieve lasting pain relief. That's why you get two of our LOOP BAND training bands (32 cm) in the KNEE BOX. Especially in case of knee pain, it is important to strengthen the muscles and stabilise the leg axes. The training bands have different intensities: The orange LOOP BAND is a little lighter, the green fitness band a little stronger. So you can vary your training depending on your fitness level or exercise - or combine both bands. We show you how this works in the online training.
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