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BLACKROLL NECK BOX - Recovery, mobility and strengthening for neck pain.

BLACKROLL NECK BOX - Recovery, mobility and strengthening for neck pain.

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Neck set incl. online training - supportive and preventive for neck pain 

With the NECK BOX you get a comprehensive set against neck pain: The set contains 3 BLACKROLL® products against neck pain. But we don't leave you alone with that. When you buy our NECK BOX, you get exclusive access to an online training with extensive exercises for regeneration, mobilisation and strengthening for neck pain. No matter whether you want to take preventive action against pain or are currently experiencing discomfort: The neck pain relief set offers you comprehensive and effective help for neck pain.

The products in the neck pain relief set 

BLACKROLL® DUOBALL 12: The double ball consists of 2 fascia balls, each 12 cm in diameter. The recess in the middle makes self-massage on the neck and along the cervical spine particularly gentle.  

BLACKROLL® BALL 08: The small fascia ball with a diameter of 8 cm is ideal for circular massages. The small contact surface enables you to work deeper into the tissue during self-massage and thus also dissolve stubborn tensions.  

BLACKROLL® SUPER BAND: Self-massage alone is usually not enough to achieve lasting pain relief. The training band (104 cm) is suitable for targeted strengthening exercises and to support stretching positions. You can use the band to lengthen shortened tissue and strengthen the muscles. The band is made of skin-friendly textile material. The orange band has a slight resistance.

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