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Blackroll Singapore



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  • For self-massage of muscular problems and tension. 
  • For improving mobility. 
  • Ideal product for beginners. Medium hardness.  
  • Recyclable and durable material with high-quality surface. 
  • Can be combined with the BLACKROLL® BOOSTER for self-massage with vibration. 

The classic - all in color - for a good mood

Bring good mood and colour into your fascia training! Now it's easy with our STANDARD foam roller in the limited Rainbow Edition. By the way, the STANDARD foam roller is considered a real BLACKROLL® classic: The BLACKROLL® STANDARD foam roller is ideal for people who want to improve their mobility and specifically treat painful muscle hardening. The massage roller is a real classic that is not only suitable for self-massage and recovery of the back and neck, but also as a functional training tool to strengthen deeper lying muscles. Due to its handy size and easy handling, the BLACKROLL® is the perfect companion - no matter whether it is used at home, in the gym or when travelling. The BLACKROLL® is the ideal instrument for self-massage of the back, neck, trunk muscles, thighs or calves. It does not replace an experienced therapist, but it can perfectly complement some traditional treatment methods, especially physiotherapy, connective tissue massage, osteopathy and Rolfing. You do not need a partner for this device because the BLACKROLL® Foam Roller STANDARD is suitable for self-treatment. You work almost exclusively with your own body weight to vary the pressure on the tissue to be massaged. Muscle pain and tension can thus be treated in a targeted manner to accelerate the recovery of stressed muscles and to loosen fascia adhesions. Even professional athletes are enthusiastic about the easy handling and lasting effect of the BLACKROLL® foam roller. 

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