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Blackroll Singapore



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  • Electric foam roller with massage effect
  • Perfect combination of massage and vibration.
  • Ideal for activation and recovery.
  • More intense effect due to thin massage roller.
  • Continuously adjustable from 12-56 Hz.

The BOOSTER SET SLIM is the perfect combination of fascia training and massage to strengthen the deep muscles with eccentric vibrations and release tension. Due to the oscillating vibration core and the easy handling, the electric fascia roller offers numerous application possibilities.

This innovative device, which works in a frequency range of 12 to 56 hertz, is not only suitable for loosening tense muscles, but also for strengthening deep muscles. You can do your fascia training as usual while enjoying the stimulating effect of a vibration massage.

In this way, you not only prevent tension - you can also treat it effectively. The good thing is that you can use the electric fascia roller not only for an extensive vibration massage, but also for a selective trigger point treatment and thus specifically counteract pain.

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