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  • For an upright posture
  • Strengthens the back muscles and can prevent tension
  • Perfect fit: Individually adjustable thanks to height-adjustable back element and plastic buckles on the straps
  • Breathable and lightweight material
  • Padded shoulder straps
  • Comfortable and inconspicuous under or over clothing
  • Unisex. Choice of 2 sizes
  • Washable at 40°C


Padded posture trainer for an upright posture. 2 available sizes.

Sitting for long periods of time and one-sided movements can have a negative effect on our posture - and lead to back pain. The posture trainer supports a better posture and reminds you to consciously align your shoulders optimally. It does not force you into a certain posture, but reminds you of an upright posture with a gentle pull as soon as your shoulders fall forward. By wearing the back trainer, you strengthen the muscles in your upper back. When your shoulders are optimally aligned, you can prevent pain.

Wear the back trainer discreetly under your clothes and easily integrate it into your daily routine during sitting or standing activities, for example at your desk, while walking or cooking.   

The material of the POSTURE PRO is light and comfortable to wear. The shoulder straps are equipped with a so-called spacer fabric, a spacer textile for better ventilation while wearing. The shoulder straps are additionally padded for extra comfort. The posture belt is available in 2 sizes (S/M/L and XL/XXL). The high-quality plastic buckles on the straps and the height-adjustable back element allow you to adjust it precisely for a perfect fit. Correctly adjusted, the BLACKROLL® POSTURE PRO allows full freedom of movement and only reminds you to actively adopt an upright posture by gently pulling on it. Despite the posture trainer, the muscles have to work independently to straighten the body, which is a gentle workout. 

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