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Blackroll Singapore



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  • Extensive and punctual selfmassage with stimulation of the skin.
  • Ideal for the treatment of the spine, calves and parallel muscle fibres.
  • Stimulation & increased blood flow of the tissue with the twist in the mid-section.
  • Classy Carbon-Optics. Medium density level. 
  • Recycable and long-lasting material with high-quality surface.
  • Combinable with BLACKROLL® BOOSTER for self-massage with vibration.

Quite hollow - but only to spare your spine

The BLACKROLL® TWIN combines the classic BLACKROLL® STANDARD with the DUOBALL 12. With the cutout in the middle the TWIN is especially applicable on the back, because it relieves the spine while rolling. In comparison to the DUOBALL the points of contact left and right are wider. The fascial massage to the left and right of the spine is applied more extensively than punctual. The weave of the material in the mid-section of the twin stimulates the skin and the tissue, especially while applying on legs and arms.

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