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Balance it: The tool for muscle length training & active mobility

You want to improve your mobility and restore the natural tension in your body? The STRETCH BAND (100 cm) made of skin-friendly material is ideal for this. The sewn-in loops and the material composition are optimised for so-called muscle length training. This training improves your active mobility and prevents typical complaints such as back and neck pain. The loops in the Fitness Stretch Band allow you to adapt the training to your needs and progress.   

Muscle length training with the STRETCH BAND 

Muscle length training does not involve individual muscles but entire muscle loops or muscle-fascia chains that are brought into an end-range position under tension. The resulting training stimulus and the use of stretch bands triggers muscle length growth. This is not the case with conventional stretching exercises. Some exercises may feel like stretching, but it actually is static strength training in the joint’s end position. In addition to the muscles, muscle length training with the STRETCH BAND also stresses the fasciae, which envelop the muscles. The result: your entire system becomes supple.    

Tips for training with stretch bands  

Check your STRETCH BAND for damage before each workout and only use undamaged material.  

Always remain in control during the exercise. Gravity or your STRETCH BAND should never take command of your movement.  

Always place your joint in a final degree position. This is important to ensure that the training stimulus is delivered to the individual's optimal location.  

Choose the loops of your Fitness Stretch Band to suit your personal needs and create the best possible training stimulus.  

Maintain the tension for about 30 seconds or five deep breaths per exercise. Enjoy the pose in your sport stretch band, which you can also use as a ballet stretch band. 

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