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Two trigger tools in one set - for an effective treatment of pain points 

With the TRIGGER BOX you can tackle pain points on many parts of the body yourself. Use the two attachments on the wall or floor to work on areas of the body that are difficult to reach. For example: back, calves and buttocks. If you combine the attachments with the handle, called HANDHELD, you can reach all parts of the body. The handle fits well in the hand and relieves the thumb and fingers during the trigger application. 

  • Effective tension loosening: You can use the set for muscle tension and for the targeted loosening of pain points (trigger points). In doing so, the attachments have a similar effect to the physiotherapist's thumb: The flatter TRIGGER is particularly suitable for larger muscle groups. The TRIGGER S has a slightly sharper shape and is therefore more intensive in use. 
  • Universally applicable: In combination with the spherical handle, you can trigger areas of the body that are easily reached by hand. Your thumbs and fingers are relieved, the product lies well in your hand. Without the handle, you can use the tools on the wall and on the floor.
  • Compact & handy: The tools are easy and effective to use. Due to their small size and weight you can easily take the TRIGGER BOX with you and use it when travelling. 
  • High product quality: All Trigger-Tools are produced in Germany by our longtime partner. Due to its material composition the product is durable, easy to clean and 100% recyclable.
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